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Are you doing the right thing for your kids?

Its this time of year when our kids head back to school and soon a lot of them will be signing up for as many extracurricular activities as they can fit in. I’m preparing myself for yet another year alternating between frustration, disappointment and amazement at what some schools and by compliance, parents, are doing […]

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How to smash your goal in 2017.

There was once a technique practiced by many, many people. Their survival depended on it. This, almost forgotten technique can make you smarter, more attractive and more interesting. It is imperative if you want your 2017 to be better than 2016. This technique can help you achieve virtually any physical, financial or personal goal. Mastering […]

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Strength Training for endurance. Part 2.

I’ve worked with endurance athletes who swim, run, cycle and canoe. They all had a lot in common, including the problems they have regarding strength training. I’m going to cover the most common problems athletes, and their coaches, have with strength training, why it doesn’t always yield positive results and the solutions to those problems. Problem: […]

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