Balance, Strength & Flexibility

Personal Training

If you are reading this you must want something to change.

Tell us what that is and we can help you make it happen.

  • General health and fitness
  • Weight loss
  • Special occasion or event
  • Injury recovery
  • Functional fitness
  • Current/past exercise regime not working for you

Greg Jacobs with over 20 years’ experience and ongoing education, leads a passionate team that have trained ballerinas to boxers and everyone in between.

We believe Personal Training should be personal and that 5 reps done properly always beats 10 done poorly, so our PT sessions are only conducted 1 on 1 or 1 on 2.

More than ‘Just Do It’

How many times have you embarked on a journey to get fit, only to realise 6 months later that you’ve given up somewhere along the way?

We understand that in order to get the body you want, there is a mind-set you need.

  • Learning how to successfully change habits.
  • Gradual development of confidence and will power.
  • The importance of self-respect.
  • Dealing with fears.

These things are just as important as the type of exercise you do and only by incorporating them into the training process are sustainable results achievable.